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The Conversationalist Week 2

John 3:1-16

Nicodemus has an encounter with Jesus. With all of his knowledge, prestige, and status, Nicodemus still was missing the most important thing in his life; he could not see the kingdom of God. How do we see the kingdom of God? How do you know if you are a Christian? What does Jesus mean when he uses the words “born again?” We honor others the most when we tell them the truth about the implications of the cross.

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Whether you’ve been around church all of your life or this is your first time stepping foot in a church, we want to make your experience welcoming.

What To Expect

The Weekender

The weekender is your on-ramp to hear about our vision and values, possible serving opportunities, and how to get connected in a Community Group.

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Events are a great place for you to meet other people, get connected to those you worship with each weekend, and develop deeper relationships.

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