Community Groups

Two Cities believes that being a part of a church consists of more than weekly attendance at corporate worship. The week is as important as the weekend. The church consists of a covenant body that lives life together by caring for one another, bearing one another’s burdens, and seeking to help each other grow in conformity to Christ. This means, like the early church, we must spend more than a couple hours a week together if we are going to know each other well enough to carry out these responsibilities. One of the ways we will foster this kind of interaction is through smaller groups that meet weekly to carry out biblical community. It is also our desire that intentional mission will take place through our Community Groups.

We Believe

Discipleship happens in relationships.


The week is as important as the weekend.


We are a church of Community Groups, not a church with Community Groups.

Stay where you are. Serve where you live. Be the church in your community.

What Is A Community Group?

A Community Group is a smaller expression and extension of our church, and it is primarily the environment where the implications of the gospel are put into action with an emphasis on people living in community and on mission.

Community Groups FAQ

How often do Community Groups meet?

Most of our Community Groups meet weekly, but we also have a few that meet every other week. 

Who will lead these groups?

Our Community Groups are led by Community Group Leaders who have gone through assessment and training with Two Cities Church. Each of our Community Groups are led by men with the assistance of a Women’s Lead. Our Women’s Community Groups are led by women. 

How long will groups be?

Groups will be around two hours depending on the activity or the needs of the group.

How big will each group be?

Each group will be different. The average Community Group is around 15 adults (plus kids).

What will group dynamics look like?

Groups will have a large range of demographics. Some groups will be arranged by geography, and some will be arranged by age and stage. Our hope is that some groups will also be multi-generational, multi-racial, as well as socio-economically diverse.

What content will groups use for discussion?

Community Groups will follow a sermon-guided discussion model. Groups will dig deeper into previous week’s sermon and Scripture, and they use this as a basis to grow in obedience-based discipleship. 

How will groups change and multiply?

At Two Cities Church, our Community Groups multiply leaders. One of the Community Group Leaders primary responsibilities is to raise up and develop apprentices who will be sent out to start new Community Groups for new people. Most groups will send out a new leader each year. 

How can I become a Community Group Leader?

If you are interested in becoming a Community Group Leader at Two Cities, please contact Caleb Duvick at caleb@twocitieschurch.net.