Kyle Mercer - December 2, 2018

The Conversationalist Week 10

John 14:1-31 Jesus introduces one of his most controversial statements. He tells us the He is the "Way, the Truth and the Life." What does this mean? A lot of times we talk a lot about Jesus but not about the rest of the Trinity. What did it mean when Jesus told us he was going to prepare a place for us? How do our earthy fathers sometimes change the view of our Heavenly Father? How does this work itself out in our society today?

From Series: "The Conversationalist"

Jesus was the greatest evangelist that ever lived. During his three years of public ministry, He revealed his nature and character through conversations and proclamation. In this series, we are looking to what Jesus says about Himself and how He ministers to those He comes in contact with. Join in as we look closely at his ministry and dialogue with all who would listen.

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