What is a DNA Group?


Discipleship is one of the highest priorities that we have at Two Cities Church. We believe that God has called each and every one of us to be followers of Jesus who help others find and follow Jesus. One of the primary ways that we accomplish this is through our DNA Groups. 

A DNA Group is a closed group of three to five Christians of the same gender who gather regularly to commit themselves to Discipleship, Nurture (Care), and Accountability for the purpose of accelerated spiritual transformation. 


DNA Groups FAQ

What should our DNA Group look like and what should we do?

There is so much freedom to how a DNA group can look. Groups might have different settings, take place over different activities, and have all kinds of different rhythms and seasons. 

However, if you are looking for some good direction on what a DNA Group can look like, check out our DNA Group Guide here. This guide will answer almost any question you have about DNA Groups, how to start and run a group, and it’s full of really helpful and practical resources.


How do I find a DNA Group?

DNA Groups are different in the fact that people form them, not Two Cities Church. The best way to form them is through the relationships you are already building.

If you would like to be in a DNA Group, the first step on the pathway is to join a Community Group. If you are currently in a Community Group and desire to be in a DNA Group, talk to your Community Group Leader.

Other great places to look for people to join your DNA Group is on your serving team at Two Cities Church, or look around for other Christians where you live, learn, work, and play.  

How many people should be in a DNA Group?

Because accountability works well in a smaller setting, the ideal size of a disciple-making group is 3 to 5 – you and 2 to 4 other people. We recommend that you do not have more than 5, and remember that a one-on-one relationship is not ideal.

Where should we meet?

Find a meeting place away from the church. Restaurants, coffee shops, bookstores, diners, and homes are all good options. Meeting outside the church in the community encourages your group members to publicize their faith, teaching them it is okay to read the Bible at a restaurant or pray in public. Be sure to select a place that is convenient to all group members.

How often do DNA Groups meet?

Ideally, you should meet once a week for about an hour to two hours. You can meet more frequently, but it is important that you meet at least once a week. This schedule does not prohibit those you are discipling from calling you throughout the week or connecting for counsel when needed. It is important to remember that discipleship is about the relationship between you and your group members, not about checking a requirement box. Disciple-making is a way of life, not a program.

How do I lead a DNA Group?

The only absolute requirement for leading a DNA Group is that you be intentionally pursuing Christ. You do not need to be a master teacher or have all of the answers; you do not need to be able to say, “Listen to me.” If you can say, “Follow me; I’m pursuing Christ,” you have the tools you need to lead a DNA Group.

For more specific, be sure to check out our DNA Group Leaders Guide here