What is a DNA Group?

DNA stands for Discipleship, Nurture, and Accountability. They exist to do what Sunday evenings and Community Groups cannot fully do. They offer a more personal and intentional form of discipleship, nurture (care), and accountability, as well as interactive Bible reading. Ideally, each group would consist of 3-5 people and would be gender specific.


DNA Groups FAQ

How often do DNA Groups meet?
Some groups meet once every other week. Other groups meet once a week. Your group can decide the frequency, but one thing you should do is be intentional about meeting together regularly.
What does a typical DNA Group gathering look like?
There is so much freedom to how a DNA group can look. Groups might have different settings, take place over different activities, and have all kinds of different rhythms and seasons. However, we would encourage each of our DNA groups to find a good balance of three elements: DISCIPLESHIP, NURTURE, and ACCOUNTABILITY.
What does DISCIPLESHIP look like in DNA Groups?

A disciple is someone who is increasingly learning to live, love, and look like Jesus. Essentially, everything we do together in community is part of discipleship. However, discipling one another will involve:

  • Reminding one another of our identity in Jesus Christ.

  • Admonishing and teaching one another to obey Jesus’ commandments (Matthew 28:18-20).

  • Training one another to serve in tangible ways.

  • Reading the Scripture together.

What does NURTURE look like in DNA Groups?

It means caring sincerely for one another. This will include:

  • Getting to know one another’s stories, and listening closely to each other and to the Holy Spirit, so we can carefully and empathetically direct each other to truth.

  • Checking one another’s heart and passions by asking questions like: How are you doing? Who are you loving well? Not so well? Where are you living in fear? What can we celebrate with you? What are you struggling with?

  • Praying with and for each other.

What does ACCOUNTABILITY look like in DNA Groups?

Holding one another accountable is more than just asking hard questions. It involves:

  • Encouraging each other to live out what we believe through making goals and helping each other fulfill them.

  • Reviewing the past week and how faithful we have been in keeping our word.

  • Speaking the truth in love as we see areas of sin, correcting and rebuking with God’s Word and the gospel when necessary.

Am I the only one not in a DNA Group?

No! Groups are forming all the time as people become connected to Two Cities. 

Next Steps To Join A DNA Group

1) Start with the relationships you are already building

The easiest thing to do is take a moment to identify two to four people that you have already begun building relationships with at Two Cities Church.

Ask them if they would be interested in forming a DNA Group with you!

If we can offer any advice, resist the temptation to wait for someone to ask you. Take the initiative to find someone else who is not in a group and ask them to join you!

2) Look for opportunities to start building relationships

Perhaps one of the best steps you can take toward being in a DNA Group is to start building relationships first.

Join a Community Group.

Serve on Sundays with other people.

These are great ways to start getting to know people on a deeper level, and it will add value to your experience with DNA Groups later on. DNA Groups often work best when they are formed out of natural relationships, so have patience, get plugged in, and get to know people!

3) Ask a leader for some help to get started

If you are still having a hard time finding people who are available to form a group with you, you can always talk to your Community Group leader and ask him/her to help you form a group!

Another option is to reach out to us, and we would be glad to help!