together In 2022?

Our primary goal with this initiative is to have 100% of people who call Two Cities home participate in this initiative to fuel the mission of God FORWARD.   

Our secondary goal  is to raise two million dollars in  generous  one-time gifts, above and beyond regular tithes and offerings  so that we can move FORWARD to where we believe God  is  calling  us next.

10% of everything that comes in will go to our local, national, and global partners.


to raise


by the end of 2021



Checks can be made out to Two Cities with “Forward Initiative” in the memo. Mail to:

Two Cities Church
854 W. Northwest Blvd.
Winston-Salem, NC 27101

GIVE BY stock

Two Cities has the ability to receive stock gifts. For some, this is the most effective way to use their resources. *If you would like to give this way, go to twocitieschurch.net/give/stock

*Make sure to designate your gift to “FORWARD Initiative.”

GIVE online

We make it easy and convenient for you to give online through our website. To give online, click here.

*Make sure to designate your gift to “FORWARD Initiative.”

GIVE on sunday

During our weekly services, you can give on your way in or out by placing your gift in our black boxes.

*Make sure to designate your gift to “FORWARD Initiative.”

The Forward Movement of Generosity

Generosity is more about the condition of our hearts than it is about emphasizing amounts or percentages.

As Christians, we give first to honor God, save second to be wise, and live off the rest to teach ourselves contentment. As we move FORWARD in generosity and sacrifice, we transform more and more into the likeness of Christ. This tool is designed to help you move from money being an idol to money being a tool for God’s kingdom.


Legacy givers are thinking past this year and moving toward long-term impact for their local church, their family, and eternity. They make decisions in the short-term that have longer-term effects on their giving capacity. Legacy givers consider the impact that every personal asset has on their ability to be generous. This person is no longer asking the question, “God, how much are you asking me to give?” Instead, this person is asking, “God, how much are you asking me to keep?”

Initial Givers

respond to God’s Word and decide to give to the local church for the first time, trusting God and His Church with their gift.

Ask God: God, do I trust you as my provider? Please show me how to demonstrate my trust in you by starting somewhere, moving FORWARD, and beginning to give.

Consistent Givers

begin to make giving a priority by committing to give on a regular basis. They start to think of their giving in the same way they would think about other recurring expenses in their budget, regardless of seasons of feast or famine. Often, they give through online payments, but non-online givers can be consistent givers as well; it just requires more discipline.

Ask God: God, am I giving consistently in a way that demonstrates my desire to grow in this area of discipleship? Please show me how to become more consistent and disciplined in my giving.

Intentional Givers

think about their giving in relation to their other financial priorities. They consider a percentage or amount they want to give, and they seek to consciously grow in their generosity. Intentional givers look at their budget and consider how their giving reflects their view of God and their commitment to move His kingdom FORWARD.

Ask God: Does the way I think about and use my finances reflect a desire to see your kingdom move FORWARD? God, show me what it looks like to put you and your mission first in all areas, even my finances. 

Sacrificial Givers

are committed to using their finances to move the mission of God FORWARD. They are no longer thinking, “What am I not giving and why?” They make changes that cost them something in their lifestyle. They seek to honor God with all He has given them, not just a percentage of it.

Ask God: God, am I truly honoring you with 100%  of what you have given me, not just a portion? God, show me what it looks like to leverage all you have given me to move the gospel FORWARD.

Legacy Givers

think generationally. They are asking the question, “How can I make sure my resources go to kingdom purposes even after I’m gone?” They consider the eternal impact of their generosity for their children, grandchildren, and beyond.

Ask God: God, do I have a kingdom vision that is bigger than me and larger than my limited time here on earth? God, teach me that all things are yours, and help me to give in response to what you’ve done joyfully, looking FORWARD to what you will do in generations to come.

Countdown to Commitment Weekend